The Beanstalk Project- Empowering Students for A Change

One of my first experiences in university where I was asked to think  about what it means to be a global citizen was during the 2010 Beanstalk Project unconference.

Gathered in a room there was approximately 50 of us listening to a keynote address from Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada co-founder and CEO George Roter as he challenged us to think about the values that defined as leaders and as global citizens.

Since that experience I have been deeply engaged in learning about social issues and have become heavily involved with EWB and the McMaster community. Suffice to say my experience with the Beanstalk Project was a truly transformative. But why am telling you, one of our awesome readers about this experience?!

Easy…because you could have it too! That’s right folks, the Beanstalk Project is currently recruiting mentors for its 2012 unconference!

Whether you are a student, an educator, a business leader, a community member, an activist or just a generally cool individual (let’s be serious…everyone is cool in their own way!) the Beanstalk Project wants YOU!

So you are probably wondering what sort of awesome things will I get to do as a mentor and when will this sweet unconference be happening?

As a mentor who will be working with a group of delegates to build relationships, challenge and support each other, be a role model and a question-asker. This happens not only during the unconference but after the fact to support participants future endeavors as leaders.

Sounds pretty fantastic right? Looking for more info? Wondering when and where and how to sign up to be a mentor- check out: and hopefully you will find mentoring to be an experience of a lifetime!