Go MSU-official this 2012-2013 school-year!

Have you always wanted to get involved in a recreational or academic activity, celebrate a culture, or take up a humanitarian cause, and struggled to find an extracurricular group on-campus that fits what you’re looking for? Here’s your chance: start your own club and make that dream come true!

The McMaster Student Union is accepting applications for new and returning clubs till Friday, March 9th! With over 200 ratified clubs, McMaster is home to a diverse range of extracurricular opportunities. These clubs vary in their focus, some being committed to academic causes, others to religious causes, others to recreational programs and still others to social issues and humanitarian-based causes.

If you have an idea in mind, don’t hesitate: take this opportunity and seek ratification for your cause from the MSU! Application packages for new and returning clubs can be found along with additional information at the following link:


Step up your game: go MSU-official and bring your vision to life this upcoming school-year!