Spring is here!

Ok I lied. It’s not really feeling like Spring weather yet, but you can’t blame me for trying. I feel like once March arrives we are all entitled to shake off the gloom of Winter and start actually going outside.

One of my favourite things to do outside is to enjoy the weather with a scoop of ice cream. While the weather right now is still as cold as most frozen desserts, being proactive has never hurt anyone. So I am being proactive and detailing a few ice cream spots around Hamilton so you can be ready the day warm weather hits. I’m sure everyone already knows about Baskin Robbins and TCBY, and though they’re delicious, there are more exciting places to visit. This is your chance to really adventure away from campus and reward yourself with ice cream.

Hutch’s on the Beach (280 Van Wagners Beach Road) – Actually by the beach, Hutch’s is the quintessential summer greasy spoon and ice cream joint. They are open all year with very student friendly prices, and often have fun community events going on. So come for the fun or come for the food, Hutch’s is for sure a destination to include on your ice cream adventure.

Stoney Creek Dairy Bar (135 King St E) – While they no longer produce their own ice cream in house, the Stoney Creek Dairy Bar offers flavours and styles unique to the Golden Horseshoe. They offer take home varieties of their treats, as well as an experience endemic to our very own area. A personal favourite of our contributors, Stoney Creek Dairy Bar ice cream is hard to beat.

Scoops Ice Cream & Fudge Shop Inc (625 Greenhill Ave) – Another Stoney Creek site, Scoops is part of a small franchise with phenomenal ice creams. Unique flavours and rich variety makes this destination another summer hotspot. Plus, they make their own fudge too, so you can be justified in visiting even if it’s not hot enough for ice cream. You should go there soon. Like now.

The Purple Pony Ice Cream Shop (346 Wilson St. E) – Located in Ancaster, the Purple Pony is a quaint and charming summer ice cream shop that is easy to love. They are very kid friendly (even for childish adults!) so be sure to go ready for a dose of nostalgia. Oh yeah, and they have delicious ice cream. Obviously!

Sweetness Bakery (196 Locke St S) – While not technically an ice cream shop, Sweetness Bakery deserves a mention on this list. They have ice cream, but specialize in cupcakes and cakes. Their cupcake menu is incredible – just reading it makes your mouth water… Be sure to check out Sweetness on Locke street and then enjoy the rest of what that area has to offer; as one of the trendiest spots in Hamilton, it’s definitely worth a look.