Make Hamilton your Home-ilton this summer!

Ahh Hamilton! In summer this city seems to come to life in so many

The beautiful Bayfront Park in the summer!

ways. If you enjoy festivals, great music, the great outdoors or are looking for some fun night outs- Hamilton has it all and then some!

I am sure many of you have heard of Hamilton as the city of waterfalls and summer presents the perfect time to channel your inner nature-lover and explore some of the beautiful sights such as Webster’s or Tiffany falls .

Or perhaps exploring your inner artist by venturing to James St N for the monthly Art Crawl!

Aside from these wonderful activities, the hammer is also rampant with festivals! Whether you like peaches, music, your friends, cactus’ and so much more…there is probably a festival out there for you! (the Winona Peach Festival and Festival of Friends both in August are my personal faves)

However, if you are not a Hamilton native who has the ability to live at home with family members, you are probably wondering- how will I pay rent/ what employment options are out there for students?

Lucky for you the McMaster Work Study Program is now hiring for numerous positions across campus in some great opportunities to work in a challenging yet rewarding environment!

In fact the very office that your favourite McMaster blog, Pop the Bubble  is run out of is hiring for 3 fantastic positions!

The position are full time in the summer and part-time during the school year! They are: a Community Liaison (job ID: 8253), Service Learning Program Assistant (job ID: 8275), and the Leadership Program Assistant (job ID: 8272).

The Service Learning Program Assistant and Community Liaison work on the planning of the Mac Serve Series (more info at: and the Leadership Program Assistant works extensively on the Student Success Leader and leadership programming that the Student Success Centre provides.

If you’re up for the challenge of taking one of these (or other) amazing job opportunities! It’s the perfect chance to learn and develop your personal and professional skills while havign the opportunity to explore all of the wondrous things Hamilton has to offer in the summer time!