Hopes and Dreams Magic Show

Who doesn’t love magic? Ok, actually a lot of people… But magic shows can be fun, even if you don’t buy the illusion. They are at least better than the end of term crunch, or writing exams. A better question might be “who doesn’t love helping their community?”. I know the answer is nobody, since community engagement is so rewarding and fun.

To that end, there is a magic show which you can look forward to following exams. On June 5th, the Hopes and Dreams Magic Show comes to Hamilton in order to raise funds for community based organizations assisting children with seizure disorders. The website aptly describes the organization:

“The Hopes and Dreams Magic Show is a community based benefit magic show tour supporting children’s charities throughout Southern Ontario. Proceeds from each event benefit community programs where the event is held.”

I’m posting now because it’s that time of year when everyone is looking forward to being finished school. So I hope that this is one more reason to work hard now, as you can really feel like you’ve earned this treat. Plus, it’s a wonderful cause, so it’s a win-win for everyone.  One of the simplest ways to help make a difference in your community, while feeling like you’re indulging yourself.