Roll Call!

Raise the Hammer is a blog run by a group of Hamiltonians who value the growth and developments of the city. The blog strives to present diverse views and approaches to further develop Hamilton.

An interesting article published just today discusses what Main Street could look like reimaged. The potential redesigned street includes wider sidewalks, making the street more pedestrian friendly, having a physical barrier for the bike lanes, and installing street trees.

According to the blog post, certain sections of Main St. appear “lifeless” and with images created in Photoshop, the new developments would make sections of the street “complete” allowing people to not only drive on it, but be able to park their vehicles, bike down it and still be able to access public transit.

These proposed changes of course would need to go through City Council, and comments on the article seem to be supporting the design.

To read the complete article and view the proposed designs be sure to visit Raise the Hammer, or follow them on twitter:@raisethehammer