Roll Call!

The Social Planning and Research Council (SPRC) is an organization in Hamilton that conducts research and produces reports based on Hamilton’s social landscape. The goal of this non-profit, charitable organization is to: “ improve the quality of life for the citizens of Hamilton through strengthening the community’s understanding of social problems, developing strategies and the community’s capacity for addressing these problems and assisting community groups to implement these strategies”.

SPRC Hamilton actively improves the lives of Hamiltonians by displaying the different needs of each community and the corresponding corrective action measures. Just this year SPRC Hamilton has released seven publications (both reports and bulletins) on subjects such as the right to safe, healthy housing, trends in basic needs as well as community profiles of Hamilton’s various neighbourhoods.

Their most recent publication called “Trends in Children and Seniors”, compares the aging population of Hamilton to other cities in Ontario, such as Waterloo Region. This bulletin observes decline of Hamilton’s population that is aged between 0-5, and the considerable expansion of the those over the age of 65.

For a full collection of their reports and bulletins, click here. You can also follow SPRC Hamilton on Twitter to stay updated on the needs of your community, @SPRCHamOnt.