Wanted: More Natural Green, Less Artificial Grey

Having shifted my perspective, its seems kinda funny how people use the metaphor of a concrete jungle for a city. Grey, sullen, cold concrete sidewalks, with a touch of hard, unforgiving brick/stone walls that block out the sun. I’m not denying that the highrise, close quarter, sun ridden areas exist in downtown Hamilton and surrounding regions alike – instead I would like to make a claim.

Lets shift the focus of our attention for a moment. Like most things in life – from media hype to any lief events which consisted of highs and lows – there is a tendency to perceive the negative aspects of the experience versus the positive. Same goes for the place we live. My claim is that we fight this human instinct for a moment and try to scope out the positive. What does this have to do with Hamilton, with cold concrete, you might be asking?

Shift attention away from artificial, dirty streets, congested sidewalks and less then favorable air,  towards the extensive green, natural, clean spaces that are splattered like paint, thickly across the Hammer. 394 park and 116 open space green splatter splotches to be exact, along with 49k of nature fostering trails; brown paint that is brushed neatly in thin lines.  6330 acres of green and brown paint overlaying the gray that we generally label Hamilton with, in total.

I’ll give you the in on a few personal/local favorite green and brown paint splotches below:

Churchill Gardens & The Aviary – 145 Cline Avenue North by Marion Street North.
Includes community garden plots and houses the aviary formerly kept at Dundurn Park. It is located on Royal Botanical Gardens land; adjacent to the Churchill park (8am-8pm).

Confederation Park
– Located adjacent to the Hamilton Harbour industrial area.
Quality recreational and dining facilities; Wild Waterworks, Barangas Restaurant, the Lakeland Centre and Pool, and the mini-golf course at Adventure Village.

Victoria Park
– 516 King Street West.
Sports park various activities; playground, courts, hardball diamond, softball fields, swimming/wading pools, tennis and multi-purpose courts, and a Community Garden.

Bayfront Park
– 200 Harbour Front Drive by Bay Street.
Waterfront setting, a lower shoreline walk; naturalized areas of shrubs, trees, and wildflowers; benches; natural grass amphitheater; upper plateau, ideal for special events.

For any further information regarding beautiful spots to check out around here, hit up: http://www.hamilton.ca/CityDepartments/PublicWorks/Parks/ParkListInfo/

So just when you think that there is only nature to check out at Cootes, or on camups – shift your perspective of Hamilton from one that is based off of hear-say, to one that is informed – take a look off-campus for yourself :)!! If you do decide to venture somewhere new, keep your mind open to the different sights and smells, cultural and ethnic diversity as well as the atmosphere of the green and the surrounding area. Take a kite, ride a bike, throw a pig skin, do yoga, read a book, run around or just enjoy the rays – possibilities are endless.

Hamilton is full of beauty – the trick to perceiving beauty begins with you. Try it, just shift your attention to the positive, and the loyal silver-lining will be their.