Roll Call: Political and Civil Unrest Over Bill C-38

It has the potential to affect 70 existing laws in Canada – it’s kind of a big deal… 

You may have heard, whether in the news or on the streets about an omnibus bill floating around Parliament. We here at Mac PTB see this political issue as being particularly relevant to all of us here in Hamilton, along with all other Canadian citizens. So were gonna hook you up with a few pertinent links which will familiarize you with the bill, the issues and the action being carried out against it.

Start thinking about where you stand in regards to this change that is upon us. Do you feel it will affect you and your fellow Canadians positively or negatively?   What are the ramifications? What outcomes can you see popping up?

Check it:

~ A great overview from Macleans of what the bill is all about, and what has been going on in regards to it thus far.

~ Hamilton MP David Sweet threw protestors off:



~ What the parliament`s vision of the bill is.

~ Protest group LeadNow, says stop the sell out.

Get informed and form your own opinion!