Roll Call!

Secret Hamilton (SH) is a blog that showcases some of the Hamilton’s hidden gems.

By showing off some of Hamilton’s not so known features, the blog encourages those to go out and explore the city and try new things. Whether it’s a local event, some breathtaking lookout spots, or services in Hamilton that run, Secret Hamilton provides an interesting forum for some of the secret stuff going on in Hamilton.

Some cool secrets that have come from the blog include:

  • The #99 Waterfront Shuffle
  • Mountain Brow Lookout
  • Spencer Creek Trail

The Blog also has some neat media pieces.

A group ride was recorded for the Smart Commute event that happened last month. You can check out the video of the riders biking through Hamilton here.

As well, there are few time-lapse videos (one of a snowstorm earlier this year, and the other of the rising sun over Hamilton) are also cool features of the blog.

Some pretty stunning photos of the city are also posted on the blog, so if you get a moment check them out!

For more information, feel free to visit the blog here!