An Enticing Ensemble

Here is a bit of an ode to my favourite dish
and three reasons why I think you will love Nachos just as much as I do:

  1. They are Easy to Prepare: Some type of chip + Any food you want + Heat = Nachos
  2. They are Accessible: There are so many ways that one can assemble a plate of nachos. Lactose intolerant? Skip the cheese or add on some lactose-free cheese. Vegetarian? Substitute meat with black beans or vegetarian chilli. Gluten-Free diet? Opt for a white corn tortilla chip or a flax seed one.
  3. They are Delicious

If you are looking to find great nacho places, I am happy to say that Hamilton has quite the selection. Here are a couple of places that serve tasty and innovative nacho dishes:

Gallagher’s: 171 John Street, Hamilton
Serves Dorachos, which are nachos made with Doritos instead of tortilla chips!

Thirsty Cactus: 2 King Street East, Dundas
Choose from plain with cheese to fully dressed with chicken or pork! Your meal also comes with a small woven basket of tortilla chips with cheese sauce. I believe that this is to help customers prepare both mentally and physically for the main course. My personal favourite!

Rebel’s Rock Irish Pub: 537 King Street East, Hamilton
Instead of tortilla chips, indulge in Irish Potato Crisps topped with loads of cheese and vegetables. Served baked or saucy.

Happy Nacho-Eating!