Roll Call

Many undergraduate students can relate to the experience of being emerged in a new place. While for not all students, several can recall the feelings of coming to Hamilton and discovering the many things that the city has to offer.

The Accidental Hamiltonian’ is a blog run by a Torontonian turned Hamiltonian writer named Helen. The author documents her experiences in the drastic change her and her community oriented husband undergo in moving from one city to another. As she explores the city and navigates some interesting adventures, current residents of Hamilton are able to relate and nostalgically reminisce on similar feelings of discovery, adventure and pleasant surprise.

Some of my favourite postings include ‘Musings on Augusta Street’ where she describes the discovery of ‘grad student like’ feel of Augusta’s pubs and restaurants. Her post on Hamilton dog parks also sparked interest for me (as I enjoy frequenting them to vicariously live the experience of being a dog owner). Even as Helen describes her one year mark in living in this city, I can easily connect to what it was like for me having moved to the city and the excitement of exploring events, festivals and Hamilton hot spots.

It puts perspective on how there are similar and relatable experiences that many people new to Hamilton experience and how easy it is to come to love this city!