Who is Behind the Lens?

by Ash

While having a beer on the patio of Mulberry’s I came across an interesting article in a local paper. Renowned photographer Glenn Lowson was featured in the latest edition of the Urbanicity news publication that is centered in and circulated around Hamilton.

After having captured the faces of celebrities, Lowson has moved onto a project that is close to home. You will be interested to know that Lowson’s latest creative inspiration has come from us, the people of Hamilton.  His personal photo project, known as “Hammerheads” is grass-roots expression of the many faces of this diverse city. Lowson’s art project includes a collection of spontaneous headshots of Hamiltonians taken on an iPhone. I think this endeavour is interesting because it is on the ground level of it all. It’s an opportunity to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of the citizens which comprise the city we call home. After all, we are the glue that holds Hamilton together.

What is Lowson’s motivation behind the adventure? “I want to distill the city to its core, its heart, which is to say its people. It’s an extension of my Hamilton street photography project ‘Heart of the Hammer’”, Loswon says.

If you were going to make a photo essay, what would your subject matter be? I think finding the ties that bind and the cracks that crumble is a task worth taking on. Capturing the essence of a city in the faces of its people has brought strangers together and given personified our community. From this we can learn that seeing each other as neighbours instead of strangers in an enlightening experience. Being face to face with people going through their day to day lives might seem benign and almost tedious, but I urge you to take a gander. While you look into the eyes of these people who share Hamilton with us, ask yourself, “where am I when I’m not at Mac?” Exactly how important are strangers to our everyday experiences? How do we treat the strangers that shape our communities, that construct our governance, that create our histories?

Check it out: http://www.glennlowson.com