Fringe Festival

What does Fringe mean to you? I never really use the word in my daily life, so I took to Google for the lay persons definition, and came across this:

Fringe – The unconventional, extreme, or marginal wing of a group or sphere of activity.

‘Fringe Festival’ is the perfect name for this week-and-a-bit long theater festival, which has unconventional festival philosophies. The traditional principles dictates that companies must be unjuried; meaning that production included in the festival are first-come, first-serve, instead of being based on selection. Along with this, the application fees are kept extremely low, as to allow accessibility and equal oppurtunity for all companies to participate – whether big or small. All (100%) proceeds that are handed out at a particular production, goes towards those individuals who put the show on – there is no percentage of money that goes to a larger body. Finally, we have the freedom of speech – and in this festival – artists have freedom from censorship.

With all these unique traditional festival rules in place, this theater venue has stood out from others by allowing all type of talent to shine, whether known or unknown, conventional or unconventional. Since 1947 in Scotland, it has gained followers and speed, quickly spreading throughout 18 regions in Canada alone.  500,000 or so showed up to check out the entertainment in Edmonton a few years back, where 250 productions occurred at 25 different venues – its kinda a big deal.

The Fringe Festival is beginning today, July 19th and will continue on until July 29th. There are 5 different venues that will be hosting 29 productions; Artword Club (1 performance), Hamilton Theater Inc. (49 performances), Park Street North (48 performances), Citadel Theater (49 performances), Citadel Theater (49 performances) and The Pearl Company Theater (8 performances).

There also may be the opportunity to volunteer at least 12 hours of your time towards this festival. All it takes is filling out an application and sending it to the organizations volunteer email, that can all be found on the volunteer page. Potential positions include; Backstage/Technical, Fringe Club, Billeting, Box Office, Load In/Tear Down, Marketing Crew, Office Support, Usher, Venue Captain.

Go to Fringe Festival website for more information and to grab your tickets today!

Check it out and enjoy!