Roll Call!

The Living Rock is a non-profit organization located on
30 Wilson Street. The Rock runs events, programs and workshops which are directed toward youth.
Programs like GPS: New Pathways for Youth, TRI-Rock and Wellness Works, as well as a number of other programs and events, work to support individuals in a holistic way.

GPS: New Pathways for Youth works to empower individuals who are involved in, or at-risk of involving in gangs or illegal activity. This program successfully presented individuals with alternate options. Those who involved in this program witnessed positive changes in the individuals who participated in the full program. Unfortunately, even with first-hand evidence of positive progress, without the presence of federal funding this program has been unable to continue.

the TRI-Rock program encourages the development of professional skills. It is a paid employment training opportunity for ages 16-30. The program has 2 phases: during phase 1, the participants will receive training at the Rock for 8 weeks. After this phase is complete they will involve in another 8-week placement within Hamilton. At this second placement, the participant has the opportunity to be hired by the organization.

Wellness Works is a program that was developed to help facilitate healthy pregnancies, healthy childhoods and well-supported parents. This program encourages parenting youth to make contacts with different members and organizations in the community, in order to establish a support system. This support system and set of resources are meant to reduce the effects of poverty during early childhood years as much as possible.

To see a full selection of their programs click here. To view upcoming events, check out their summer newsletter, which you can access by clicking here.