On Your Mark, Get Set…


The Steel City Amazing Race will be occurring on Saturday August 11th 2012. McMaster Athletes Care, along with the staff from Y108/CHML Children’s Fund, will be hosting this experience. The Race is meant to expose youth to different parts of Hamilton, in order to address some of the barriers that youth face in exploring post-secondary education options. In addition, the event will work to address cultural acceptance, healthy active living and the stereotypes that are so often targeted in bullying incidents.

The event, featuring 125 youth from the Boys and Girls Club of Hamilton and Eva Rothwell Resource Centre, will kick-off with a pep rally at 9:30am. The race itself will begin at 10:30am. Groups of 5 youth and 2 student-athletes will race to visit and complete activities at 7 stations, including local business partners and a cultural centre, until they reach the Eva Rothwell Resource Centre at 3:30 pm.
At this final station, the groups will pull together the events of the day by completing one final puzzle.

The day will end with a Street Party at Eva Rothwell Resource Centre! All participants and volunteers are invited, as well as friends and family.The event promises to be full of energy, smiles and a strong sense of community.

If you are interested in volunteering for this event, or want to find out more information, click here to view the website.