Roll Call – The Mash-Up

So I have been fortunate enough, these past two weeks, to trip to some pretty sweet places in Hamilton. There are so many amazing services to volunteer at in the city, community agencies which are made up of passionate, hardworking people. These individuals drop their blood, sweat and tears for the service they provide to others – giving and helping is what they love to do. Beautiful people indeed.

I want to share with you the three amazing services we visited recently for Roll Call this Friday. I will hook you up with the links – please take a few moments to check out what they have to offer. This may help you find, re-harness or continue a passion for giving/helping others – in return giving and helping yourself.

Brain Injuries Services – Locations in and around Hamilton, but also in other regions!

Dundas Community Services – They have been kickin’ for 40 years!

Community Services, City of Hamilton – Includes Culture & Recreation, Housing, Long-Term Care, Ontario Works Services.

Enjoy the weekend!