Waterfront Entertainment… Excuse Me?

When asked recently where I would go to show off my Hamilton pride, I didn’t have to think twice. The Waterfront/Bayfront Harbour was the first spot on my mind – whether it is taking a long run beside the water, taking a day and relaxing in the sun with friends – throwing a frizbee – grabbing a bite to eat – taking a little trolley ride. The extent of activities are limitless.

The thing that stumps me to this day is the number of people who have been in the Mac community for a number of years now, and still stare blankly when you say anything about Princess Point, Bayfront, William’s by the Water etc. Hell, I was one of these people just a summer ago, after 3 years at Mac. But when I did find out, I fell in love. The diversity of people and activities one visit can lend you, is unbelievable. Beautiful human interaction: families spending quality time together, young couples holding hands, adorable dogs soaking in the environment, friends smiling and laughing. New recreational sports being attempted, snapshots taken of special moments, icecream being spilled, park slides being dominated. You may be getting the idea that I could go on, and on … and I could. But for the sake of your sanity and interest, I will instead hook you up with the big formal attractions that are offered at the Waterfront, by Hamilton Waterfront Trust. Note that other external organizations host concerts, events etc. etc in large numbers as well throughout the year, do a little digging, and you will find a lot.

Hamilton Waterfront Trust is an organization that has a mission – make as many Hamiltonian’s as possible love, appreciate and frequent the area and its attractions. After having given the Waterfront a chance, I back this mission – so much character. Here are some things that the Trust offers:

Sarcoa – It just opened up last week! It is the new elegant restaurant, sporting beauty, class, patio bar, extensive seating and a beautiful view of the water. I am checking this out next weekend, I suggest you do the same!

Waterfront Trolley – A cute date idea, easy way to see things and chill while doing it, or just an experience – who doesn’t like sitting in a mini train on wheels :)?

Tour Boat – A tour and a story – nice.

Williams Fresh Cafe – Expansive indoor and outdoor seating, right by the water!

Harbour Queen – A cruise of the harbour, a party, a dance, a meal – anything can happen.

Waterfront Grill – Chicken Burger?

Scoops Ice Cream- Ice cream for those hot summer mornings, afternoons and nights.

Outdoor Rink – Feel like rollerblading? Rollerblade to and at the rink, 7 days a week!

For more information please check out Hamilton Waterfront Trust.

Get out there – explore your backyard,

PS. You’re challenge is to find a dock on your adventures that looks almost like a replica of the one in the picture (Hint: a little smaller though)