Roll Call!

The Eva Rothwell Resource Centre
at Robert Land, located at 460 Wentworth
Street North,is the community gathering and
support system of the Keith Neighbourhood
in North Hamilton.

The Eva Rothwell Centre opened it’s door for the first time in December of 2006, 2 years after the closing of Robert Land School. Citizens of the Keith neighbourhood and Robert Land Community Association came together to transform the school and facilitate community cohesion.

The Eva Rothwell Centre currently facilitates and involves in a number of programs and events in the Hamilton community. The Centre itself contains a shopping experience (furniture, clothing, toys, books, etc can be found here!), runs after school activities for different age groups and supports community initiatives like the up-coming Steel City Race!

The Centre offers a variety of opportunities to get involved and grow, from helping to facilitate a fun workshop to working on your social skills, developing professionally  and enhancing your perspective.