MacServe Day of Service

The Student Success Centre is buzzing with action as coordinators prepare for tomorrow’s big day: the 10th annual Mac Serve Day of Service. As final e-mails are being sent, phone calls are being made, and placements are being ironed out, there is no doubt that tomorrow will be a great success.

Hamilton weather looks promising; variable cloudiness and a high of fifteen is nothing less than a perfect autumn day. And it’s a good thing, because we’re expecting about 250 students to be out volunteering at 26 different Hamilton and Mississauga agencies. Placements range from positions at the Hamilton Victory Gardens to work at Hamilton and Mississauga community centres. So what’s the philosophy behind MacServe? It’s all about learning – Community Service-Learning to be exact. The goals of the day are to increase awareness of social issues and how they are being addressed, to inspire continued community engagement, and to encourage self-awareness. Volunteers will start off the day by acquainting themselves with their team, and then they will head to their placements for the afternoon, and later reflect on the day’s work. The combination of participation and reflection complete the experiential learning process.

Looking forward to a 10th year of success!