Roll Call: Investing in Hamilton

We all know that Hamilton is a thriving, exciting place to live and work. Literally everywhere you go in this city you can see people investing in their local communities and contributing back to the city.  Here are a few examples about ways that people are getting engaged with Hamilton

Brian McHattie (Ward 1 Councillor, City of Hamilton) posted this awesome video on his website. There’s always reason to smile if you are engaging with the community around you; each of the people featured in this clip demonstrate how easy and rewarding it is to share your passions with the greater community.


Raise the Hammer posted this great article about small businesses based out of Hamilton. These small businesses were featured in the Lion’s Lair Showcase, in which members of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and Innovation selected entrepreneurs with an impactful and innovative idea, awarding them with the funds to get their business off the ground. Congratulations to “Tidy Feeder”,  “REfficient”, and “Nervu” for being selected!

Tonight Friday Oct. 12 is the James St. North Art Crawl, and tomorrow is the 175th anniversary of the Hamilton Farmers’ Market. Hamilton-area farmers have been providing their local community since before Canada was its own country! From 1837, the Farmers’ Market has been an important tradition of Hamiltonians investing in their local community, and providing for each other. The City of Hamilton website lists a ton of awesome activities this weekend to celebrate here.

Whether this is your first month in Hamilton, or you’re been here all your life, it’s never to late to get involved in the community all around you. This city is full of opportunity, and people who care about helping each other. Do yourself a favour and discover what you can by getting involved in this city, and making a difference. I guarantee it’ll leave you smiling…