Roll Call: Got the Blues?

Looking for fun things to do this fall? Trying to escape the mid-October blues? The Hamilton Spectator has a few suggestions for family fun that I wouldn’t say no to doing with my McMaster family. Here’s what I find most striking:

  • The Hamilton Children’s museum had a Laughter Yoga workshop, which sounds like it would have been a wonderful chance to reconnect with your inner kid…unfortunately it ended on the 13th, but why not try out Laughter Yoga on your own?
  • This Saturday, the Kiwanis Boys and Girls club is hosting a pumpkin-retrieving fundraiser for United Way. Donate $3 to toss a hula hoop into a pumpkin-filled pool, and hope to snag the best darned pumpkin out there!

Speaking of cheering up exam-time blues, the MSU and Student Wellness Centre haven’t been the only people tackling mental health issues. On October 24, CBC Hamilton is holding a Mental Health 101 talk at Mohawk College to discuss the growing issues surrounding mental health in youth. They will be running a series of stories in the subsequent week about how these issues are affecting Hamilton, so be sure to check out the CBC Hamilton webpage.

And for all you cyclists out there (myself included), CBC Hamilton & Hamilton police have spoken: wear your helmets! Adults account for 88% of fatalities due to poor head protection. There have been two cycling accidents in the past week alone. Last Friday, an 88-year-old man collided with a car and was taken to the hospital in critical condition, while an 18-year-old clipped a bus right across the street from Mac! While neither of these were fatal, if you’re striving to be an adventurous Hamilton traveler as much as I am, I wouldn’t take the risk of going sans-helmet. Nuff said!

Moral of the story this week: Keep healthy! Get out in Hamilton to keep that stress in line, and while you’re out there, protect that noggin!

Till next time!