Featured Waterfall: Albion Falls

Hamilton is often thought of as a very industrial city, however there is a very natural side of the city as well. Hamilton has over 126 waterfalls and, believe it or not, is actually the waterfall capital of the world. But I’m sure most of you already know that, so I’m just going to tell you about one that’s particularly beautiful with a very interesting history.

Albion falls is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Jane Riley. In the early 19th century, Jane flung herself off of the cliff above the falls and fell 100 feet to her death. She had long loved a man named Joseph Rousseau, though he never loved her back. Joseph was said to be quite a womanizer and was often seen about town with many different women. Not only that, but his mother strongly disliked Jane, believing she would never be good enough for her son. Soon, this got to be too much for poor Jane, causing her to leap to her death. For this reason, Albion Falls is also known as Lover’s Leap.

Albion Falls has a pretty dark history too. In the early 1900s, Hamilton was a mob city and everyone knows that the mob needs a place to hide bodies. This place was Albion Falls and the forested area surrounding it. Police found numerous bodies in the area and believed they had been put there by the mob’s kingpin, Rocco Perri, though they were never able to prove it. This area is also linked to one of Canada’s most notorious murderesses, Evelyn Dick.

Despite the dark past of Albion Falls, the area is astounding. I visited the falls during the summer and fell in love immediately. But be warned, the area is quite steep and there are very few paths. I fell several times on my way down to the bottom of the falls and I highly recommend yo tread carefully and wear hiking shoes. The hazardous hike is well worth it, however. The perspective from the bottom of the falls and breathtaking and I will say, it’s a lot easier to get back up. You can also get some very nice photographs there and what better time to go than in the fall when the trees are all changing colour? You’ll also get the chance to see an old mill stone that was once used to grind wheat.

Want to check out the falls? City of Waterfalls has a lot more information on this and other waterfalls, including directions. Not only that, but they sometimes hold Waterfall hikes at night where they illuminate the falls with coloured lights and they will be doing so on October 26th if you’re interested.

Lastly, PTB will be holding a hike to Webster’s and Tew’s Falls on Saturday, October 27th from 10:30 until 4:00. Stay tuned as we will be releasing more details shortly!