In search of fresh air

Tired of studying all day in the library? Feeling trapped in the McMaster “bubble”?

Who are you kidding? Of course you are. It’s mid-October. The sweet promise of Thanksgiving weekend has passed, and your turkey leftovers are long gone. Maybe you’re in the middle of midterms. Or perhaps you’ve written your midterms, only to have to catch up on all those readings you neglected and the papers you haven’t started.

If you think about it, you’ll realize that you’ve only been going from your house to campus and back. If you live on campus, you might realize that the most adventure you’ve had lately is sitting in a different corner of Centro.

Even if you feel like the best cure for this October funk is an absurdly long sleep-in, I can assure you there’s something better: fresh air.

You may have heard that Hamilton is sometimes called the Steel City, but what fewer people know is that it’s also known as the Waterfall Capital of the World. (No one’s confirmed this, but with 126 waterfalls, it’s still pretty impressive.)

On October 27th, the Civic Engagement team will be leading a hike to some of the Hamilton’s favourite waterfall destinations: Webster’s Falls and Tew’s Falls. The expedition will run from 10:30 to 4:00, and will include a hike around Spencer Gorge, as well as a trip into downtown Dundas. (Stay tuned for more details through the week.)

So close your laptop, put your textbooks back on the shelf, and come appreciate Mother Nature for an afternoon. You’ll be glad you did.