Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Hurricane Sandy is on it’s way to Hamilton. Of course, it will no longer be a hurricane by the time it reaches us, but it is expected to be bad and has been dubbed “Frankenstorm.”

Weather-wise, Hurricane Sandy has headed up the East coast of the United States and would continue out to sea or into Atlantic Canada, but because of a high pressure system, it will make a sharp left into New Jersey and New York. This is extremely rare! But that’s not all; Hurricane Sandy is expected to merge with several other weather systems creating one mess of a storm. This, not just the fact that it will fall near Halloween, is the reason behind the name Frankenstorm. Sandy is most likely going to collide with a cold front from the East as well as the arctic winds blowing in from the North. But wait, it gets worse. The storm is also coinciding with the full moon, meaning that tides will be at their highest and the risk of flooding is increased.

Of course, all of this is merely a prediction. ‘Frankenstorm’ has yet to hit land, so we have no idea just how bad the storm will actually be. Here at Pop the Bubble, we think it’s always better to prepare for nothing than to be stuck with nothing. So, here are some tips to help you prepare for ‘Frankenstorm!’

  • Find flashlights and candles. If the power goes out, you can bet you’ll want to see. Unfortunately, with out these you most likely won’t be able to. We recommend finding them beforehand when you actually can see so you will still be able to do so later!
  • Find a radio. How else will you know what’s going on in the world? If you don’t have one, find a friend that does. Here are some Hamilton radio stations in case you don’t know: 102.9 K-Lite FM, AM900, 95.3 Country FM, Y108 FM, 93.3 CFMU.
  • Pick up some canned goods and batteries. If the power goes out, these items will be infinitely useful. If the power doesn’t go out, you’ve got some extra food and batteries which you will most definitely use later. Don’t go overboard, 200 cans of chicken soup might not be as useful as you think once the storm is over.
  • Charge your electronics. Who actually wants to live without a cell phone or laptop? Certainly not me. So charge them now, while you can, in case we lose power. This way you can still call your parents and maybe even watch a movie while you wait out the storm.
  • Get out a good book. If your computer does die, what else are you going to do? I recommend getting out a good book and reading! You could even catch up on your readings for school, but that certainly isn’t as much fun.
  • Keep your eye on McMaster Daily NewsIt would be pretty bad to get all the way to school in torrential rain and wind just to find out it’s been cancelled. Make sure you check beforehand! McMaster will try to post on twitter and facebook as well as Daily News before 5:30AM if school is cancelled.
  • Stay safe. Don’t go outside, keep your windows closed, and use common sense.