Featured Waterfall: Webster’s Falls

As you know from our first post in the series, the Steel City is actually a very natural place as well! With 126 waterfalls within the city, we are the waterfall capital of the world. Continuing our series with November’s featured waterfall, we will talk about Webster’s Falls.

Though Webster’s Falls doesn’t have quite the same history Albion Falls does, there is still a dynamic and interesting past associated with them. When Dr. James Hamilton purchased the waterfall and it’s surrounding land in 1818, he named the falls after himself: Dr. Hamilton’s Falls. Very original, am I right? But in 1820, James Webster purchased the land from him and renamed the falls to what they are known by today. You can still find the family’s manor home on Webster’s Falls Road and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can find their grave sites just off the trail that takes you to Tews Falls. In addition, the falls were the site of one of Ontario’s first hydro-electric generators!

This all sounds pretty boring compared to the bloody past of Albion Falls, doesn’t it? Never fear, there is a legend concerning these falls as well! Many years ago, there was a native woman named Na-Go-She-OnOng, which means Evening Star in Ojibway, and she was deeply in love with a white man. She had a native suitor, however, and he was very unhappy with her choice of lover. In a jealous rage, he killed her lover, hoping that Na-Go-She-OnOng would fall into his arms after the loss of her lover – but his plan backfired. Na-Go-She-OnOng, in deep despair, took the body of her lover into her arms and dove into the rushing waters of the falls below, killing herself in the process. You can read a poem on the legend here.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’ve been to Webster’s Falls, but it is on the top of my list. With just a relatively short hike of about 30 minutes, the trip shouldn’t take too long to complete. Sounds like an awesome way for you to get out of the house and take a break from midterms, essays and exams! I can vouch, from pictures, that the falls are truly beautiful and I highly recommend you check them out before you’re done here at Mac!

Want to check out the falls? City of Waterfalls has a lot more information on this and other waterfalls, including directions. Not only that, but they sometimes hold Waterfall hikes at night where they illuminate the falls with coloured lights. Check their updates if you’d like to attend one of these events!