Ho Ho Ho Hold on…It’s November

Well it may still be November, but you wouldn’t have believed it if you were at the Santa Claus parade on Saturday. From my position at Main and Bay, the festive energy was unbelievable. I watched rows of Hamiltonians fill the street’s edge, while eager children scurried around waiting for the show to begin. And a show it was. The parade started at Queen and Main Streets, heading east on Main to John Street, north on John to King Street, and finally west on King back to Bay Street. With the company of a few friends, I stood at my post for two hours, watching floats, marching bands, and talented dancers glide through. Holiday music filled the air, candy canes were being tossed everywhere, and a winter chill swept through my bones. If this wasn’t an indication of the upcoming festive season, what would be?

Not to worry if you weren’t able to make it. I took a few pictures of some of my favourites that I thought I could share:

McMaster made its appearance as well. Never a dull moment with Mac Eng…and I believe Mac was one of at least seven other marching bands…Hamilton has some impressive musical skills!

Last but not least, the biggest crowd pleaser: Santa Claus and his reindeer.

Well, if you weren’t there, I hope this satisfied your early Holiday fix…If I could have displayed the entire parade, I would have! There were many more fantastic floats, full of Hamiltonians of all ages and a lot of enthusiasm. Some charitable appearances included a lovely float by the United Way, and the reliable food bank, collecting non-perishable items for the chilly season to come. Thanks to everyone that made the parade possible!

I am officially stoked for winter…just gotta power through the rest of the schoolyear!