Roll Call: Hammer Time

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without. – Confucius

Some things take time to reach their full potential – fine wines, cheese, diamonds and baseball mitts. Hamilton, too, is one of those things that seems to get better and better with age – a diamond in the rough, essentially. Now, Hamilton isn’t perfect; there is an incredibly high poverty rate  and mental illness affects a big proportion of the population, especially in many of the poorer areas. In any case, the economic downturn has certainly taken its toll on the city. And yet, Hamilton still flourishes. McMaster and Mohawk foster learning and research. Not only that but cultural hubs like James, Locke and Ottawa Streets fill the city. Hamilton’s art and cultural scene is a blossoming sector of the city and could be just what pulls the city out of its funk.

A new documentary about this aspect of Hamilton, called This is Hamilton… After the Steel Rush, is set to premiere this Saturday the 24th  at 6PM in Homegrown Hamilton (27 King William St). Created by the folks at This is Hamilton and filmed by Mark Hoyne, the film is sure to give a moving and introspective look into the lives of Hamiltonians and the city itself. Be sure to check it out!

Not only that, but the city was recently the focus of an article written by Jason McBride and published in The Grid, a weekly Toronto magazine. Why would a magazine based in Toronto publish an article solely about Hamilton? Our flourishing cultural scene, of course! Jason suggests that while Torontonians may have heard of the cultural movement from Toronto to Hamilton before, it’s a little different now. Hamilton’s art scene is maturing into something that the more cultural Torontonians can appreciate. This time, the so-called “Next Big Thing” just might not fall flat. Not only that, but the cost of living in Hamilton is much cheaper, and I mean a lot cheaper.

So even though Hamilton has its problems, the city is becoming a place where people want to live, a place people can call home. It truly is Hammer time.