Adventures of an inexperienced Hamiltonian

Hamilton is unlike anywhere I’ve ever lived, although I’ve only ever lived in one other place – and it was on a country road. My time in Hamilton encompasses my first city-slicking experience, and I must say: I’m not the slickest. But, as I spend more and more time here, I’m slowly getting to know the city, and so far, I like what I see.

One of my more recent experiences was a trip to James St. with one of my fellow blog contributors. Julia likes trying new coffee shops; I like coffee. She is comfortable with city transit; I need to learn how to use city transit. It was a no brainer, really – and a perfect excuse to get off campus. So, one Saturday morning, we hopped on the bus (woohoo!) and headed east down Main, to a little café on James St. N called Mulberry Street Coffeehouse.

It takes up the corner section of a cute redbrick building at the junction of James & Mulberry. There are a few different rooms to sit in, each with a slightly different feel, so we opted to take our place in a booth near the kitchen. It was still a little quiet when we arrived in the morning, but by the time afternoon rolled around, seats were filling up with a diverse collection of people. As lunch time drew nearer, the smell of cumin wafted through the air, and I had to wonder what kinds of delicacies they were cooking up in the kitchen. Although I loved the energy, I have to admit that the volume of voices eventually became detrimental to my studying, but the experience overall was a pleasant one. The homemade fruit muffin was to die for, and the coffee was nice and smooth.

So for the next time you need a little study break, consider this fun destination. It’s only a short bus ride away from Mac, and offers a friendly and upbeat environment.