They’ve Finally Arrived…

Calming Tea

It’s that time of year again, the time we all dread—exam period. We all want the semester to be over, but we don’t want to go through exams to get there. Or, at least I don’t. With all of the assignments that were due last week, I’ve had next to no time to let the end of the semester sink in. Is it really all over? Where did this term even go? It feels like classes began yesterday, not 3 months ago! But even now as I try to come to terms with the end of the semester, the clock keeps ticking and my first exam is getting closer. With every second that passes, my stress level increases and thoughts like “How will I ever get all of this done?” and “I can’t do this” start to creep in. This is about the time that exhaustion starts. Wait – has my undergrad-induced exhaustion ever really stopped during the time I’ve been at Mac? Who knows, maybe everything just seems worse during finals.

But they’re not. I’ll do fine, you’ll do fine. Everyone can make it through these few weeks if we keep a few strategies to de-stress on hand. Yes, you can take that break. In fact, you deserve it. So take it and do something that will help you get motivated and lose some of that stress!

Exercise – No, I’m serious, it will help. Endorphins (you know, those hormones that make you happy) are released during exercise, so get outside and take that walk, or dance in your room, or hit the gym, just get moving!

Have some tea – Tea can be very calming, especially if it happens to be of the chamomile or mint variety, but any old kind will work. Drink some at home, or make it an opportunity to get out of the house and meet with some friends at your favourite coffee shop. Either way, it should help.

Laugh – How cliché of me to include laughter on the list, but it actually works! Watch that funny cat video your roommate’s been bugging you to see. Maybe even go see a stand-up comic with friends. Either way, laughing will help.

Be creative – Write. Draw. Sculpt. Bake. Do anything! You don’t even have to be good at it!

Sleep – I really can’t stress the importance of this. You do not need to pull an all nighter. What you do need is sleep. Even if it’s just a few hours, it’s worth it. You can pick up right where you left off tomorrow. So make sure you get some shut eye and you can still ace that exam!

Check back every couple of days for some more stress busters; we will be posting them regularly throughout the exam period. Everyone here at PTB and the Student Success Centre would also like to wish everyone the best of luck with their exams. Remember, you can do it!