Rental Housing By-Law meeting

Obtained from the City of Hamilton websiteYou may or may not have heard about the proposed By-Law that has been in the works for rental housing in Hamilton. The By-Law’s primary objective is to ensure that tenants are living in safe and suitable homes, with the intention for rental housing and property to be sufficiently maintained. The principal change would be the introduction of a licensing fee for landlords, but along with this would come safety checklists and inspections. As the By-Law would affect McMaster student housing, the MSU has done their best to ensure the student voice is heard, through a survey previously posted on their website.

Do you have an opinion about this? The opportunity for discussion still exists. The Special Planning Committee will be having a meeting to hear public delegations this Tuesday, December 11, starting at 1 pm. Speaker registration ends tomorrow at noon, and can be done by contacting Vanessa Robicheau, as listed on the agenda. If you do not wish to speak, but have thoughts that you’d like to see in the agenda, written comments may also be submitted via e-mail ( by 12 pm tomorrow.

This is a fantastic opportunity to discuss relevant community changes, and to see how your views may have an impact.