Happenin’ in Hamilton – the past, present, and future!


GLEAM’s map of stressors on the great lakes

After taking a gander on the CBC Hamilton website, it was pretty clear that a lot is and has been happenin’ in Hamilton. Between a heated meeting about a Hamilton casino, an environmental assessment of Lake Ontario, and cold weather coming our way, Hamiltonians have a lot to take in. Here are a few updates that may be of interest – some past, some present, some future!


An international collaborative research initiative called Great Lakes Environmental Assessment and Mapping (GLEAM) Project has created a colour-coded map, identifying the intensity of environmental stressors affecting the great lakes. It turns out that the Hamilton Harbour (as well as most of Lake Ontario) came out bright red – an indication that it is under a lot of environmental stress. It seems as though change is the theme here; environmental stressors are constantly changing, and improvements do not happen overnight.

In other news, the second of two public meetings were held Thursday at city hall to discuss potential plans for a Casino in Hamilton. After provincial funding was taken away from the slots at Flamboro Downs racetracks, it became necessary to consider whether or not Hamilton residents desire a gaming facility in the community at all. City Council will be voting on March 1 to make that decision, as well as deciding where the casino would be located. If they vote in favour of a gaming facility, private owners will bid to own it. The opinions at the meetings seemed to be fairly split. Some community members argued that the casino would help Hamilton’s economy by providing more jobs, however panelist member and economist professor at McMaster, Hannah Holmes, claimed that it probably would not make a difference. She explained that a casino will only be lucrative for a city with a tourist population bringing money from the outside, otherwise it will only re-distribute the money that is already in the city (potentially taking money away from local shops). It’s a controversial topic, and has potential to significantly impact the city, so stay tuned for the results!


The second snowfall of the season has made the city look a little more charming, despite the winter blues. But you may have also noticed a particular chill in the air when you stepped outside this morning. A cold weather alert was issued this morning, which occurs when the temperature drops (or is expected to fall that day) to -15 degrees Celcius with windchill. The temperatures will be rising to +5 degrees tomorrow, but don’t get too comfortable! It is expected that temperatures will be falling again on Sunday, and will stay cold for the remainder of the week.

And if you’re a Gordon Lightfoot fan, or simply have an appreciation for Canadian artists, check out The Way We Feel, a Gordon Lightfoot tribute, featuring an array of Canadian roots musicians. The show is next Wednesday, January 23 at the Molson Canadian Studio at Hamilton Place.

Similarly, you may be familiar with Hamilton’s Celtic band, The Saints are Coming. They will be playing at the Molson Canadian Studio next Friday, January 25 to celebrate the release of their new album. According to their twitter feed, it appears that they have sold out of tickets, but are welcoming fans to attend the after party at The Casbah at 11 pm.

Well, I’ve covered a lot of bases for now…Have a wonderful weekend everyone!