Volunteers Needed this Weekend!

http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/851191--cootes-cleanup-culvert-be-goneLast month, Alan Hansell, a member of Stewards of the Cootes Watershed, noticed an old, broken off culvert that had been revealed by low water levels. Instead of leaving it be, Alan took this opportunity to remove the culvert from the muck in hopes of rolling it across the ice when the time came.

That time has now come. The culvert needs to be removed this weekend while it’s cold and the ice covering Cootes is thick, so volunteers are needed. If something isn’t done this weekend, the culvert could be pulled back into the water and there may not be another chance to remove it anytime soon. The culvert should roll easily across the ice, so strength is not necessarily needed. Sign up here by midnight tonight and we hope to see some of our readers out there!