A snowy day never stopped anyone

Good afternoon everyone!

I was feeling a bit nostalgic this morning when I woke up and found that school was cancelled due to the snow. I immediately rushed out of my room and ran up the stairs to my housemate, exclaiming: “Woooooh snow day!”. Shortly after, I wanted to find out how deep it was so I walked outside in barefeet…who knows what happens to my judgment when we get a little snow in Hamilton.

Between bus delays, snow shoveling incidents, and vehicle collisions, not everyone is celebrating the weather today, but I sincerely hope that everyone is doing their best to stay safe and enjoy the Canadian winter.

Despite this snowy weather, tomorrow is still looking mighty fine! The flurries should subside by the end of tonight, and a sunny day is waiting for us tomorrow. The Waterfront Outdoor Rink is looking a little under the weather at the moment, but it should be up and running by tomorrow for our skating trip.

We plan on arriving at the Waterfront Rink around 11 am. It may be finished snowing, but it’s still going to be cold, so be sure to bundle up with a warm winter coat, hat, and mittens! Also, if you plan on renting skates, rentals will be $5 when we arrive. The Waterfront Williams Fresh Cafe is now open daily as well, so warm and cozy refreshments will be waiting if you need a break.

We will be traveling there by bus – taking the 05 to Main at Hughson, and walking to James St. The second bus (04) runs from James at Main down to James at Burlington, and it’s only a short walk to the rink from there! We will be meeting in the MUSC Atrium at 10:20 am in order to catch the bus at Main and Emerson at 10:35.

If you don’t want to come along for the ride, feel free to meet us there! And if you have any questions, please e-mail us at ptb@mcmaster.ca. Finally, if the inclement weather continues through tomorrow, please check back here to ensure that the event is still running! (Fingers crossed)

Hope to see you tomorrow!

PTB Contributors