Walk, run, or crawl down James Street N.

The Lister Block, restored in 2011, and featured in the Virtual History exhibit at this month’s Art Crawl.

I broke through another layer of my McMaster bubble last night, as I ventured out to James St. N for my first Art Crawl. Although we didn’t get a large group together, I made the trip with a friend and I enjoyed it thoroughly. My shoes were a bit thin for the crisp weather, but it didn’t change the fact that it was a beautiful night for walking. The sounds of chatter and folk music rang down the street, making the experience even more pleasurable.

Perhaps my favourite works of art were the graphic intricacies of Oscar Luna Martinez in his Virtual History exhibit. The exhibit featured accurate 3D representations of historical Hamilton buildings, and were accompanied by the stories that shaped how they appear in the city today. The graphic detail was astounding and I was no less than pleased to learn about some of Hamilton’s rich history. On our walk back to the bus stop, I was particularly excited to see the recently restored Lister Block at the corner of James and King William, whose story we had learned only moments before.

Aside from the galleries and music, we also made a stop for dinner at the Gate of India restaurant, and picked up some coffee and a delicious brownie from Mulberry.

Overall, my first Art Crawl was very successful, and I can certainly say that it will not be  my last! Hope everyone manages to spend some time outside today to enjoy the hint of spring that’s surfacing. Have a wonderful weekend!