Spring into nature and clean air

As the snow melts and the temperature rises, I find myself driven to the outdoors in attempt to smell more of the fresh earthy air that nature offers every spring. For many, spring is a time of rejuvenation and re-motivation, providing the extra boost needed for exam season. Yet, as I slowly come out of hibernation, this positive outlook is somewhat tainted by the litter that the winter left behind.

Of course, I’m not the only one taking notice of the mess. Spring clean-ups are being launched in full force around the city. Most notably, the McMaster Outdoor Club will be hosting its bi-annual Cootes Clean Up this Saturday, April 6 at 2:00 pm. The clean up begins at Alpine tower and will span Cootes Paradise and other areas around campus. Following the event, there will be a barbecue and performance by Of Gentleman and Cowards to celebrate the hard work of all the volunteers. This is a great community event you don’t want to miss.

Other upcoming environmental events to be aware of include a controlled burn by the Royal Botannical Gardens of the tallgrass prairie at Princess Point. Burning the prairie region allows prairie plants to survive due to their deep root system, while preventing trees and shrubs from invading this important ecosystem. The burn will be happening this month, with the precise date depending on weather conditions.

Lastly, don’t forget our upcoming adventure hike through Spencer Gorge. Our goal is to get some exercise and fresh air, to destress before exams, and to learn a little more about the natural wonders that Hamilton has to offer. If you’d like to come, meet us this Friday, April 05 outside the Student Success Centre (Gilmour Hall 110) at 3:30 pm. See you then!