A ‘Running’ Start!

You’re hanging around Hamilton this summer, possibly for your first time. You want to pickup a new hobby, something that adds to the self development portfolio and an activity that will make you feel great throughout. Then all of a sudden you have a flash in your mind of yourself, running on a trail, with your hair blowing in the wind yet situated on your head perfectly – kind of like Baywatch.
Running - What I actually look like vs. What others see
Though I can’t help with making this day dream of perfect hair and cosmetic appeal a reality, this post will hopefully give you the foundational tips needed to start running successfully and consistently in Hamilton. Knowledge is power, so here is some basic knowledge to give you the power to work up to a marathon!

What holds us back

The first deterrent can be seen in this flawed reasoning, “There isn’t any stores to get running wear in the Hammer”. So lets scratch this flawed reasoning off the list. Check out these stores, located close by, for shoes and other running wear.

Runner’s Den
Benefits of Outdoor Exercise
Running Room

Second is the standard statement; “Well where can I run, I have no clue!?” Well you’re in luck, because Hamilton has a ton of beautiful running trails. Check out the extensive list of trails here. There are also helpful sites on google that can locate trails for you, like this one here. Also, using the google map tool, you can create your own custom maps, by inputting specific destination points and then adjusting with the on-screen adjustable onscreen tool.

Maybe you need the motivation to push you that extra kilometer, or to make you take those first 100 steps. You might be bummed out, because potential running buddies may be gone for the summer. But not to fear! Both the Running Room & Runner’s Den have running clinics – free group runs weekly to keep you motivated and active!

I’ve noticed over the past few years, that the last factor that holds us back from running marathons, is typically the most important to overcome. You start running – it feels great! But you quickly get off schedule, due to increasing your mileage too quickly, injuring yourself, or loosing motivation because of a lack of structure. I have struggled with this issue, and once again, I fall back on the concept that knowledge is power. I talked with experienced runners, I looked online – I informed myself.
What I got out of it was that scheduling a consistent running week is imperative, keeping you motivated and healthy throughout your self development. Reads like this Globe and Mail article, will assist you in better regulating your running schedule for the best results. Personally, I would suggest a simple 4 day a week run (short, medium, long distance & hills), increasing your distance by increments of 1k or 0.5k a week.

Now get started. The longer we wait, and the more we push back our goals, the less likely we are to ever begin them!