Tall Ships in Hamilton Harbour

St. Lawrence II; a tall ship from Kingston, Ontario.

Just in time for Canada Day, the Tall Ships will be in Hamilton Harbour from June 28-30 as a part of the War of 1812 Bicentennial Commemorations. But what is a tall ship and what are we commemorating?

First off, tall ships do not fit into a strict definition for particular kind of boat. They can be many different kinds of traditionally rigged sailing vessels. In Hamilton next weekend we will get to see 5 different types of tall ship, all of which are large and majestic. These ships are in the process of touring to 15 Ontario ports to commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812.

Secondly, let’s think back to our early days of history class and recall the war of 1812 in a nutshell. It was a war declared by the United States on the British Empire (which included Canada) to address a number of issues and restrictions they faced in the years after independence. The men of Upper and Lower Canada fought alongside the British troupes and Native allies in areas around the Great Lakes, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Southern States. The Hamilton region was the site for many significant events, including the Battle of Stoney Creek in 1813.

The visitation of the tall ships is one of four events that are being run for the Bicentennial in 2013. While they`re in town, you can tour the decks of the majestic fleet of ships, enjoy free on-land activities, music, food and more. The festivities will be starting with the Parade of Sail on June 28.

For more information on tall ships, the War of 1812, and other bicentennial programming, check out the Tourism Hamilton website.