Happy Birthday to Fringe!

Are you in the mood for a good story? Fringe

This month marks the tenth Anniversary of the Hamilton Fringe Festival, a theatre festival which will run from July 18th-28th.

Hamilton Fringe appreciates art of all mediums- presenting aerial silk performances, magic shows, plays, family-friendly entertainment and of course, comedy! It offers the perfect environment for those who are looking to expand their artistic horizons as well as those who are just looking for some excitement.

Hamilton Fringe is truly an accessible event which encourages inclusion both in regards to performers as well as participants. It does this by choosing performers on a first-come first-serve basis as well as allowing as many performers as required for each act. This adds an unconventional charm to the festival which encourages local artists to shine in their own way. Hamilton Fringe also helps their performers to pursue their dreams, by ensuring that they receive 100% of the profits.

The same rules apply to those attending- with a multifaceted collection of performances and a maximum ticket price of $10, this festival is one of the most welcoming events in Hamilton.

I hope to see you there!