A $1 Million Dollar Decision

Ward2Direct democracy is occurring in Hamilton. This August 24th and 25th: 30, 000 Hamiltonians will vote their way to a 1 million dollar decision!

The process has already begun with a city-wide brainstorm. Some of my personal favourite ideas so far are bike trails on Cannon street (Yes we Cannon!) as well as the promotion of a community-run outdoor brick oven. Click here to see other ideas!

This direct vote is not the first of its kind in Hamilton. Ward 1 currently has an online voting system which will decide how a 1.5 million dollar budget will be spent in 2014. Even though this is not a new system for us, it is a revolutionary step for the rest of the country: Hamilton is the second city in Canada to use a participatory budget and the fifth in all of North America. This is a city that actually values the true definition of democracy and is making an honest effort to empower its citizens.

Pretty impressive? I think so too.


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