Fringe Nostalgia

Almost an exact month after the Hamilton Fringe Festival, myselfMyra and fellow blogger Jasmine still find ourselves in awe of the talent at this festival.

Myra’s Story, a one-woman show performed by Jennifer Cornish, left a truly astounding impact. Jasmine explained that the show was unlike anything she’d seen before: “incredibly moving and insightful”. The single cast member, Jennifer Cornish, took the audience on a journey through a homeless woman’s life. Told through flashbacks and reminiscent thoughts, Myra’s story seemed to reach out to every audience member – evoking both laughter and sadness. Myra’s subtle comments challenged the “lazy” stereotype that is often applied to those who are homeless. In addition, this performance also encouraged a sincere reflection about whether the population of “deserving poor” exists at all. The story weaved together a life of excitement and disappointed, of love, regret and resilience. It was phenomenal.

The Festival itself promoted a number of take-away messages: 1) You do not have to take out a mortgage to see genuine talent, and 2) It does not take a panel of judges to produce a great performance.

On behalf of Jasmine and myself- Thank you to everyone supporting Fringe for an awesome week! We are sure to be there next summer.