The Grad List

This is my last year at McMaster and consequently, in Hamilton, two places I have come to love so much in the past four years. It will be hard to leave, but let’s be honest, I haven’t left just yet! I have an entire year (almost) before graduation to immerse myself in all things McMaster and Hamilton, and I plan on doing just that!

As you probably know, Pop the Bubble has compiled a Graduate List. It’s pretty similar to a bucket list, but instead of a list of things to do before dying (knock on wood that I live at least until my degree is in my hands), it’s a list of all the things to do before graduating! What better way to say my goodbyes to Hamilton than by completing the graduate list and enjoying all the best the area has to offer?

Follow me throughout the rest of the school year as I attempt to complete the graduate list, and don’t forget, if I can do it in less than 8 months, there’s no reason as to why you can’t do it in four years!

Keep up with my endeavours here!