Finding Home: One Art Crawl at a Time

I went to my first Art Crawl Friday night with two friends who, in their own words, “don’t get art.”  And when one of them asked me at the end of the night why I would ever bring two guys like them to something involving art culture, I paused to wonder: is Art Crawl for the art or for the crawl?

Amidst all the beautiful photos and paintings and crafts, I lingered longer before the photos of Hamilton.  That building corner that I’ve seen somewhere and grown enchanted with, that poster of what Hamilton is and what Hamiltonians do and even that board of places: Locke Street, Ottawa Street, Wentworth, Westdale, James Street North – my heart still skips a beat.  I have two and a half years left at Mac and I’m terrified of not seeing it all before I leave.  If I leave.

So when my friend asked me why I would bring two guys who didn’t care much about art to Art Crawl, I answered that it wasn’t about the art.  Not really.  Art Crawl’s not only for art lovers, but for culture lovers, for Hamilton lovers and for community lovers.  It’s for the curious and the interested.  I was happy to have them with me.

And sometimes, you’ll find certain gems.  The only picture I took this Art Crawl was of these key chains that made me smile.  It’s not all high art – there’s something in there for everyone.


Keychains sold at Hamilton Artists Inc., 155 James St. N.