Canada is known around the world as a great place for starting a life. On Thursday, a day before National Housing Day, the City of Hamilton in partnership with the Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council released this video, called “Hamilton My Home”. It tells the first-hand stories of five individuals who describe their experiences of adapting to life in a new city, including finding a home. The process of adjusting to life in Canada, settling and finding a home and a job is difficult for newcomers. They reported facing discrimination and language barriers when trying to access housing. Depression and other mental health issues also result in a self-perpetuating cycle of poverty. There are approximately 3,500 newcomers to Hamilton each year, but many newcomers are not fully informed about their rights in housing, and don’t know where they can voice their concerns. As someone in the McMaster bubble, this video opened my eyes to the struggles that newcomers face and what can be done to better support them during their early days in Hamilton.