Finally Here!

“What we’ve gained in team spirit, we have also gained in muscle” – Imaiya Ravichandran, Team MTL

Spoiled by a far-too-relaxing train ride, the team was ill-prepared for the arduous trek that would lead them to their new home for the week – The M Montréal. The team heaved loads of luggage through the slushy, slippery streets and up 10 flights of stairs, never losing sight of the ultimate goal- team bonding. 

Following this impressive feat, the Team sat down to meet and greet the amazingly friendly staff, inhale some pizza and set some ground rules before collapsing into a sweet sweet food coma. Tomorrow on the agenda: Old Montreal, Sight-seeing (and skating!!?!) at Mount Royal and getting back to nature at the Biodome. 

“Oh Thank God, pants!” – Natacha Ngo

Rachel Ill, signing off.

*Rachel Ill is a 4th year Political Science/Social Work Student and the Assistant Team Leader for this year’s Montreal experience