Montréal Day 2: Bonding :)

Today was hugely successful in a number of ways. To start, the group took a trip out to Old Montreal to check out our surroundings. We visited the Notre Dame Basilica, some amazing art galleries, picked up some souvenirs for our loved ones and managed to charm our ways into a free sample of Maple Taffy- pretty sure they don’t just do that for everyone! The team then proceeded to divide and conquer the area: one group stuck around to hold down the fort in Old Montréal, another checked out the sights at the Biodôme and a third scaled Mount Royal to visit Saint Joseph’s Oratory. When we all met back at the M, it was clear to me the the Team as a whole had become much closer- even after a seemingly separate afternoon. It was so amazing to see Team Montréal laughing with one another, chatting intently about shared experiences and already independently reflecting. 

Our team ended the day with a couple really successful reflection activities. I  can wholeheartedly say that our discussion has made me so hopeful and excited for what this week has in store. The instant engagement, respect and active listening that people are willing to offer is always so amazing, but never really surprising with this program. In my almost 4 years of involvement with MacServe I have found that the most amazing people take part in this program- Team Montréal has once again proven how courageous, insightful and welcoming people can be if you take a second to listen.

I can’t wait to see how tomorrow goes! We will be working with Gabrielle at the Centre for Gender Advocacy.

Until then,