Can’t shake that coffee culture – join us @ Homegrown Hamilton

Coffee shops…a topic that is frequently revisited here at PTB. We’ve reviewed Mulberry & My Dog Joe, visited Johnny’s Coffee on Locke St., and dug into the history of coffee’s culture.

But we’ve rarely shared our experiences in coffee shops with you! So now, it’s time.

Exams are on the horizon and final projects are wrapping up. We’re getting tired of school and the weather is warming up. Coffee shops are as cozy and welcoming as ever. They offer a study environment unlike any library I’ve ever been to. It’s only logical that we’d be planning a Pop the Bubble outing to a coffee shop near you!

Join us at Homegrown Hamilton, on Friday April 11 for the best study session of the season! We’ll be meeting outside Gilmour Hall 110 at 1:20 pm and taking a bus down to Homegrown. If you can’t join us for the ride, feel free to meet us there! We’re aiming to be there from 2:00-4:00 pm.

Everyone needs a break, and who doesn’t love an adventure? Cafes are great places to relax and get some work done in a stress-free environment.

Hope to see you there!