Ready, set, summer!

Exams are now long over and summer is here (or at least what we call summer)! I’ve been thinking about wonderful ways to spend my time in Hamilton this summer, and there are certainly many…Of course, there will be events to look out for as the days warm up, but what about the simple everyday pleasures that we can lose ourselves in without spending a lot of money or being far from home?

Here are a few things that came to mind for me

1. Nature walks/runs

Thank you Hamilton for having so many wonderful trails. To support my efforts to get fit (I’ll need all the help I can get), this summer must include frequent trips through Cootes Paradise and Dundas Valley. Hamilton Waterfalls offers a list of self-guided walks that can help with that.

2. Coffee shop dates

We no longer will rely on these trusty coffee shops to get us through tough exams or a cold blistery winter, but a nice Iced Peach Green Tea from My Dog Joe never hurt anyone…Plus, it’s important to make time for the people we care about, and what better place to have life chats than a local cafe?

3. Movie watching (Westdale Theatre)

Westdale Theatre is my idea of good ol’ fashioned charm. If the right flick is playing, this could be a key entertainment destination for a warm summer evening.

4. Gardening

No need to leave your backyard for this one (unless you’re feeling neighbourly and would like to lend a hand)! Gardening offers some excellent “me time”. Time to reflect, time to take in the outdoors, and time to get your hands dirty. And I don’t know about you, but I love the satisfaction of pretty flowers on my lawn.

5. Art viewing

Students can enter the Art Gallery of Hamilton free of charge…did you know this? Show up with your student card and you’re free to peruse the gallery’s exhibitions.

6. Stair-climbing

The escarpment stairs are great destinations for intense workouts and curious exploration. Ever been up the Hamilton ‘mountain’? Consider going to the Chedoke stairs, located by the Chedoke Golf Course Clubhouse – close to McMaster and pedestrian-friendly, these stairs offer an easy way for students to discover a west mountain neighbourhood. There are also 5 other sets of stairs in Hamilton that go up to the escarpment…maybe you can try them all!

7. Farmer’s market

Open Tuesday and Thursday from 7am to 6 pm,Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, and Saturday from 6 am to 6 pm, the Hamilton Farmers’ Market is located at 35 York Boulevard. Take a break from Fortinos and Metro to shop for fresh and locally-produced foods, or attend one of the market’s free events or workshops.

8. Biking around

This is one of my favourite things to do in Hamilton summers. The Waterfront Trail offers one of the best paved cycling paths and it goes right from Princess Point to Bayfront Park, but I also really enjoy exploring Hamilton’s side streets by cycling throughout the city.

9. Sunset strolls

Sunsets are beautiful in any part of the world…and they offer an ideal time to slow down and reflect about the day. It’s not very often that I hear about people who “just walk” these days, but walking without purpose can be a really nice change of pace! So throw on some comfy sandals, grab a friend or a roommate and take a few casual strolls after work this summer.

Those are some of the simple activities I’d like to do in Hamilton this summer…keep your eye out on PTB to see where the next few months take us! Got any other ideas? Leave a comment!