Community Spotlight: Hamilton Victory Gardens

HVGLooking for an opportunity to grow?

At Hamilton Victory Gardens volunteers will be able to grow in more ways than one. Between raising garden beds, planting new produce and helping with the harvest, volunteers will also learn new skill-sets, gain a better understanding of food security and have the opportunity to network with different community members.

HVG has 8 different gardens around the city:

  1. The Cancord Site: 325 Mary St.
  2. Good Shepherd Centre: 135 Mary St.
  3. Macassa Lodge: 701 Upper Sherman Ave.
  4. Good Shepherd Square: 398 King St. W
  5. Philpott Memorial: 84 York Blvd
  6. McQuesten Urban Farm: 785 Brittania Ave. *Newest site!
  7. Pioneer Memorial: 1974 King St. E
  8. Mount Hamilton CRC: 1411 Upper Wellington St.

It is hard to believe that this initiative is only three years old! When it was founded in 2011, Hamilton Victory Gardens consisted of just one site that was run in combination with Good Shepherd. In their first year, they produced of 2,000 pounds of produce! I bet you are wondering what the addition of 7 extra sites might have added. This past year, the team produced over 30,000 pounds of produce for food banks and meal programs around the city.

Another amazing thing about this organization? It’s flexibility. Volunteers are encouraged to come out when they have time and when they want to, rather than following a fixed schedule. Structure can be great, but it is not always accessible; routine can be incredibly difficult to obtain when you are, for example, someone who does part-time work where shifts can change on short notice. In this kind of setting, everyone has the opportunity to help out.

If you are interested in volunteering for this awesome initiative, you can e-mail You can also follow them on twitter, @HVictoryGardens, to stay up-to-date on their current projects!