Earth Art Exhibition at RBG



“Ma fleur est éphémère, se dit Le Petit Prince, et elle n’a que quatre épines pour se défendre contre le monde! Et je l’ai laissée toute seule chez moi!”
– Antoine de St. Exupéry

Are you looking for a new way to fuel your creative spirit or show your appreciation for mother nature’s gifts? The new Earth Art Exhibit at the Royal Botannical Gardens may be just what you need!

Earth Art, also known as Ephemeral Art, is a genre that creatively uses natural elements to display appreciation for and connection with what the earth has to offer. Having developed out of the world’s movement towards environmental consciousness, Earth Art makes use of materials such as stones, trees, and soil to evoke a powerful message. Even the ‘Little Prince’ took note of this message when realizing that his flower was ephemeral – it would not last forever.

If you’re curious about how 9 international and Canadian artists chose to express their connection with nature, consider visiting some of the exhibits! They worked hard from June 15 to July 1st, and now the exhibition will be open until October 13. Check here to see the location for each installment – they aren’t all in the same place.

Sneak preview to Kitty Mykka and Lance Belanger’s installation!